How to Get a New Logo Design For Business & Consulting Start-up ?

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June 6, 2015
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June 7, 2015
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A large number of business and consulting companies are entering the commercial world. Majority of such companies are start-ups always looking for good business opportunities. There seems to be an increasing demand for consulting services as well. Armed with expertise and experience of professional consultants who understand the nuances of business, these start-ups compete with established and big companies in search of esteemed clients. So, it is essential for such start-ups to create their unique identity and gain recognition for their business through a decent logo.  As a matter of fact, an impressive logo helps them in combating the stiff competition ahead.

However, if you are on a tight budget but still need a professional logo for your business and consulting firm, then you must look for some affordable designing options.



Below are some useful tips that will guide you through your journey of exploring different design sources :

  1. Looking For Freelance Designers

Freelance designers are mostly skilled professionals with years of rich experience in their relevant designing field. Most of them have already worked with some design agencies and now wish to do graphic designing work at their own pace and comfort. So, you can expect some really impressive logos from these professionals.

However, many of the freelancers are highly expensive and therefore beyond the reach of start-ups. So, this design resource is usually not recommended to businesses with small budget allocations. Why look for such costly options when you can easily settle for an affordable logo from other sources?




  1. Locating Design Companies

Design companies are also a great design resource from where you can get your business logo designed. Since many qualified logo designers work in such companies you can expect to have an individual professional or a team dedicated to your work of business logo designing. You can direct them to create your logo as per your guidance and specifications. However, you cannot expect more than 4-5 design concepts from them. This is their major drawback and you have no other option than to settle down on a limited amount of design concepts. So, even if you do not like even a single logo design you still have to select one design because you have already made the initial payment.

Also, your startup business might not be able to afford these design agencies as well. A majority of them are doing well and hence do not care to reduce fees only for you. So, design companies too might not be commendable design destinations for your logo design task.



  1. Why Laanimus Could Be Just Right For You?

Laanimus is one of the online marketplaces for the designers and business owners who are looking for innovative logo designs and other graphic designs. While you are most likely to get a stunning logo design for your business and consulting start-up, but in case you are not satisfied with the end results, you can always avail the service of 100% Money Back Guarantee. Give your business and consultancy firm an edge by launching a logo design contest at Laanimus and reward yourself with an amazing logo.




 Summary: It is essential for business and consultancy start-ups to gain knowledge of logo design options and acknowledge benefits.

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