How To Get A New Logo Design For An Art And Design Business/Start-up ?

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June 8, 2015
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June 9, 2015
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While your old logo might not be in dire need of replacement, you still might be willing to replace it for altogether different business accomplishments. With a new logo design you wish to present your old art and design business in a completely new format.

You might have launched some novel design services targeting new potential customers. Or you might be planning to grab the attention of your existing customers through your new art and design business logo design. Else, you might be in a mood to go for a complete rebranding of your existing art and design business. Requirements could be varied and scenarios could be diverse but the overall objective appears to be common: acquiring a new logo design for your art and design business/start-up.

While achieving a new logo design could be a matter of few days and might not be that difficult, getting a prerogative design is not that easy.  And why would you allow a shoddy logo design to put your business rebranding at stake?

So, now let’s explore what are the different ways of acquiring a new logo design and what are their individual plusses and minuses.

  • Availing the services of Freelance designers- With numerous freelance logo designers associated with many design organizations and companies, it is no wonder that you easily locate one in your own locality! And considering their low cost design charges you might get tempted to hire them for your design project.

But then how would you ensure that you are being offered full design value for your money. Moreover, you definitely run the risk of untimely logo project completion. To top it all, your freelance designer might refuse to take up your work at all considering the tight deadlines, and might give a nod to someone else’s work who offers him a better remuneration than you.

  • Outsourcing of logo design project- Now you are puzzled and seriously considering outsourcing your logo design project to some reputed design brand. But have you ever thought that by doing this you are limiting yourself to few logo design choices? In addition, if you have a small budget allocation for logo designing then surely this isn’t the option for you. Even if everything is under control, you still have to put in lot of time and money efforts to convey your varying business requirements for which you probably might not be willing!

Summary: It is essential for art and design businesses to gain knowledge of varied logo design options and acknowledge benefits.

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