How to get new logo design for an Accounting & Financial business/start-up ?

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June 7, 2015
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June 8, 2015
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Your accounting & financial startup business takes time to make a name in the market. It requires you to involve marketing strategies, funds and a lot of time before it starts getting a flow of clients. So, persistent efforts towards brand building have to be made until you achieve the goal of establishing a strong brand identity of your business. In all of such marketing efforts, customized logo design plays a crucial role in creating a brand recognition and identity. The logo also helps in building a loyal customer base for your accounting & financing business startup.

A professionally designed logo is today widely considered for accounts and financial business startup as a way to enter a competitive market and deal with the tough competition. But you must ensure that the logo design is excellent and impresses the targeted market and customers.

Here, the article discusses the merit of the places you should be approaching to order for your logo design for accounting and financial startup business.

Design Agencies

Design agencies are one of the most reliable sources of logo design.  Dozens of them can be located on the web. However, a big drawback with them is that they are usually very expensive for the startup companies. With already a shortage of funds, the startups and even small businesses look for saving as much money as is possible. Even after paying expensive fees to the design agency of your choice, you get only five to seven designs to choose from. Clearly, you have only a limited option of designs to explore despite spending beyond your financial means.

Freelance Designers

Another source to rely on for your accounts & financing business/startup logo design is freelancers or full-time designers. Surely, you can find amazingly talented designers who work from home. They are willing to take your logo design project. But it is a tedious task to scan one professional freelance logo designer out of hundreds of them online. Also, you have to devote time to interview them and schedule a design test before finalizing a candidate for the job.

Most of the freelancers are expensive as they already have work and you have to pay what they demand. Even when you are lucky to hire an inexpensive designer, the quality of logo design may suffer. You will also have a limited choice of design concepts as you are dependent on the sole designer.


LaAnimus has designers who are willing to work for your design project which falls in over 30 design categories. The marketplace helps you in accessing quality custom designs at affordable prices in short period. You also get 100% Money Back Guarantee if you do not find the design works satisfactory. Hundreds of startups and businesses have benefited from using LaAnimus platform by sourcing creative graphic designs. So, start your logo design contest with LaAnimus to get customized logo that can represent your business in the competitive market proudly.

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