How to get a new logo design for Business & Consulting startup ?

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June 9, 2015
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June 17, 2016
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Business and consulting companies are entering the market in increasing numbers. A majority of such companies are startups which look for the business opportunities. There is surely a growing demand for consulting services. Armed with expertise and experience of professional consultants who understand the nuances of business, these startups compete with established and new companies to seek the clients. So, the first thing they need to ensure is to have a decent logo that can create an identity and recognition for their business. The logo will help them in combating the competition.

If your business & consulting startup is on a tight budget and still needs a professional logo, then you should be looking for an affordable designer. Here are some tips to follow when exploring the design sources.

  1. Look for freelance designers

Freelance logos designers are surely are the professional people with many years of experience. These designers already have worked with some design agency and now want to start their own graphic design business from home. You can expect some really impressive logos from these professionals.

But many of the freelancers are expensive and usually beyond the reach of startups in terms of costs. So, they are usually not recommended due to your small budget. Moreover, you can easily settle for an affordable logo that is not so great on the quality parameters. Once your business has made a name for itself, you can afford expensive logo designers.

  1. Design agencies

Design agencies are also a great source when you wish to offer the logo design job to a company. The agencies have qualified logo designers and let you have an individual professional or a team to work on your business logo. You can direct them to create a logo just as per your guidance and specification. However, do not expect more than 4-5 design concepts from them. This is a drawback as you have no option than to settle for a limited amount of design concepts. If you do not like them, still you will select one design as you have already made the payment.

Also, your startup business may not afford these design agencies as well. A majority of them are doing well and hence do not care to reduce fees for you. So, they may not be a good option for your logo design work.


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